Hi! My name  is Jenne, and I am an artist. I use the term artist because I just can't put myself into one category, as you can see from the variety of menu buttons at the top. I am a dancer, singer, musician, writer, cosplayer, actress, educator and aspiring builder of robot dogs. 

While most of my work is currently in the dance realm, I do have other passions and talents that I consistently pursue. I am a retired professional violist, and in the music realm, I now focus my talents on music editing and recording. As a writer, I am a staff writer for a nationally distributed dance magazine, Danz'n, and I am working on my second and third novels.

I am also a cosplayer, and I am part of a few cosplay teams such as the Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville, and Safety Scissors and Duct Tape Cosplay. I am also a vegan who does not do crossfit. I'm a rare gem. ​
I live in Fleming Island, FL (that's near Jacksonville and St. Augustine), with my three weirdo roommates and four adorable cats. In my spare time...I do all the things I just listed, so honestly I have no spare time. I do like to do excessive amounts of cardio exercise and play Pokemon Go. I also love bagels.
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